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Guinness World Record Holder: Longest Full-Body Burn with No Oxygen
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Longest Run on Full Body Burn Record Broken by Ted A. Batchelor

by Fire Falls
Chelsea Alabama "Kings Home"

On December 4th 2011 in Chelsea Alabama at the Kings Home Shelter Ted A. Batchelor Ran on Fire for the longest distance. Previous Record was 393 Feet by a German Fire performer. At approx. 6:30 P.M. Batchelor was doused with his fuels and lit on fire and ran for the new record of 492 feet!! Guinness World Records Judge Kimberly Partrick was on hand to measure the feat and declared it a record in front of the crowd for the event called "Kampfire for the King" a fund raiser for the support of battered Women and Children . "It was an honor to be called by Mr. Lew Burdette to perform for this function" says Batchelor "I told Lew there was no promise that I could do this. His remark was always: "There is no option Ted, You will do it!" This was Batchelor's 4th Guinness World Record for fire stunts. "The people of Chelsea were great to us! we would love to come back next year for the event and improve on our record or something more inspiring"
Guinness World Record
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Last 10 Burns
December 12 Three minutes 3 seconds Tokyo Japan (Yamanogou) Personal best!!! Old style.Television production. 
December 04 2 minutes 45 seconds practice for Japan trip! *
November 29 1 minute 19 seconds first practice for Japan trip. *
July 10 44 seconds. "Running Bases on FIRE!!" for the Norfolk Tides! Great Stadium! Great Fans!! First time on fire in Virginia!! 
April 24 48 seconds! Ran. bases on fire!! For the Bridgeport Bluefish!!! Fun!!! Great people and fans!!!! First time on fire in Connecticut!! 
June 05 2 minutes Fire falls farm *
December 06 53 seconds - Salinas California Airport "Longest Run on Fire" TBD -History Channel **
December 05 61seconds Salinas Fire Dept #3 California. History Channel. 
October 19 38 seconds for 21 people!!!! New Guinness World Record!! **
October 09 35 seconds 36 seconds 2 burns traning for igniters  *

* Denotes Practice
** Performed for Guinness World Records

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