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Stan Lee's Super Humans- Ted Batchelor gets 6th Guinness World Record!!

by Fire Falls

Ted Batchelor-Virtus Stunts-and Hot cards.com join forces and Break World Record!!

by Fire Falls

On October 19th 2013 at approx. 8 PM 21 torches were ignited and a new Guinness World Record was obtained.


Hot Cards.com (Cleveland printing Company) set forth the attempt with Ted A. Batchelor of Vrtus Stunts organizing the stunt.


Idea for the stunt was envisioned in South Africa by John Gadd (Owner of Hot Cards) and Mark Simone (Former 2009 burner for the record)


Proceeds from ticket sales and sponsors went to Cleveland Food Bank and Brick by Brick (To benifit South African children)


Previous record was 17 on fire.  Batchelor and crew had old record.


Gregg Gilkey was the Stunt Coordinator and Debby Batchelor was Master dresser and protecter.


Please visit Guinness site for more info.

Will post vids soon.





Ted Batchelor to appear on Weather Channels FREAKS OF NATURE

by Fire Falls

Freaks Of Nature show


Longest Run on Full Body Burn Record Broken by Ted A. Batchelor

by Fire Falls

Burniningman 10 person burn

by Fire Falls
Ted Batchelor (Virtus Stunts, LLC) and Ohio Burn Unit combine forces again and perform a 10 person full body burn! more...

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Last 10 Burns
June 05 2 minutes Fire falls farm *
December 06 53 seconds - Salinas California Airport "Longest Run on Fire" TBD -History Channel **
December 05 61seconds Salinas Fire Dept #3 California. History Channel. 
October 19 38 seconds for 21 people!!!! New Guinness World Record!! **
October 09 35 seconds 36 seconds 2 burns traning for igniters  *
October 02 33 seconds and 34 seconds practice training burns *
September 28 35 sec. and 34 secs. 2 practice burns *
September 13 33 seconds practice for big stunt HOT CARDS *
August 10 one minute 15 seconds on stage with Insane Clown Posse-Gathering 
August 04 20 seconds and 20 seconds (2) DENVER COLORADO FIRE TRAINING CENTER 

* Denotes Practice
** Performed for Guinness World Records
† 30th Anniversary Dive

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